Mr. Joes Farm

How You Can Help Mr. Joe's Farm

Helpers on the Farm

Circle K International from UCR and UNLV helped out and had a great time!

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How to help Mr. Joe’s Farm:

Projects that need to be done or completed:

Volunteers for Raking Pens
4 Pen area - DONE
Thank you The "T" Family
Hand washing Station
2 Room Restroom
Widen Driveway
Duck pond in Big Aviary
2 tortoise areas
RV Hookup
Patio covers fixed
Automate Waters
Covering for Hay
Covering for Pens
Repair Aviaries
Community Garden
Volunteer Handyman

Item that may be donated:

Lowes Gift Card
Home Depot Gift Card
Money Donations
New Hoses 100’
Leaf Rakes (Yellow Handle)
Short Handle Snow Shovel
Dump Wagon
Popcorn Machine
6’ chainlink Panels
5’ chainlink panels
Flat back Buckets 20qt and 8qt
Whole Flax seed 50lbs
Recleaned Barley 50lbs
Black Oil Sunflower Seeds
Calf Manna
Organic Thorvin Kelp
Rolled Oats
Rolled Barley

You can also help out with any donation amount you choose.
Just click on the button below and enter the amount you wish to donate.
Thank you.

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