Mr. Joes Farm

About Us

Joe and Stacey

My name is Mr. Joe and I am married to Stacey, a wonderful girl who really likes animals.  Combine a love of animals with a desire to bless other people, add my name to her vision, and the result is Mr. Joe’s Farm.  We are a hands-on farm for both children and adults and we provide a peaceful environment to come and enjoy some of God’s amazing creatures.

In March of 2001, we moved onto a three acre property in Mead Valley, not too far from Lake Perris, and started to acquire animals.  We currently have 20 different kinds of animals, including our main attraction, a Bactrian (two humped) camel named Oscar.

Mr. Joe’s Farm is a unique place with a variety of opportunities.  One of the ways we are different from other farms is that we do not charge a set entrance fee, but rather choose to have it based on donation only, making it affordable to all. Unlike conventional farms, you can touch all of our animals.  We also provide the personal touch by giving all of our guests a guided farm tour, where we teach them about the animals and share our vision.

In addition to providing fun and affordable entertainment for families and groups of all kinds, we also use our farm as a special place to empower people with special needs.  We have already had events and farm tours for people with Autism, Down Syndrome, and the Hearing Impaired.  Every week we have mentally and physically challenged  adults from three different organizations come and help out with various tasks on the farm.  In addition, we are blessed to receive help from other individuals and groups who donate their time to help us on the farm.

Operating a farm is a lot of fun, but requires a lot of hard work.  We get asked all the time, “So why do you do it?”  First of all, we want to share with others what God has given to us.  We have a nice piece of land and a bunch of friendly animals that we want others to be able to enjoy.  We have guests at the farm who are sometimes seeing a chicken or a goat, up close and personal, for the first time ever.  Where else can you go to pet a camel?  Secondly, we want to have a safe place where those with special needs can come and work, or just interact, with the animals.  You should see their faces light up when an alpaca or donkey comes near them.  Thirdly, we want to educate people about rural living, a dying art in the United States.  Come on out and learn about the healthy, stress free lifestyle we promote at Mr. Joe’s Farm.

 Finally, there are other things that make us unique, and more opportunities available, but you really just need to pay us a visit and experience Mr. Joe’s Farm for yourself.  Give us a call today and set up an appointment for your interactive farm tour.



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