About Us

Mr. Joe’s Farm is dedicated to enriching the lives of our community. Most farms within our city do not allow visitors. However, we are delighted to bring the farming experience to visitors of any age. As a 501©3 non-profit organization, Mr. Joe’s Farm has been blessed in helping people with special needs. Children, adults, and their family members come to our farm and do volunteer work. This helps families grow together in the shared experience. And they feel positive about the time spent helping the animals and plants thrive at the farm.

At Mr. Joe’s Farm, we receive calls from other farmers and community members when they need help. We can provide goat milk for animal consumption when available. This has helped many baby animals in a time of need. Stacey, an owner of the farm, also takes calls for emergency beehive removals.

Bees are extremely important for our environment. And sometimes, they build a thriving nest in an area that is not well suited for them or for us. When this happens, it is so wonderful to find a kind and caring individual that will safely transport the beehive to a new location. And that thoughtful and brave individual on Mr. Joe’s Farm is our friend Stacey. With great care, she has rescued over 40 hives and takes pride in being able to continue to find new homes for our bees.

Educating and sharing is what Mr. Joe’s Farm is all about. If you have questions or want to bring a friend or family member with special needs out for an experience on the farm, please call or fill out the contact us form. You will find joy and kindness surrounding you on Mr. Joe’s Farm.